Public Areas

Public Areas

Public buildings

Artificial grass looks nice and clean near to representative buildings such as town halls.

01 Public Buildings 1500x630px 150dpi
02 Urban Areas 1500x630px 150dpi

Urban areas

infinitygrass integrated in urban areas gives a modern and natural touch at the same time.

Shopping malls

Take the outside in – infinitygrass sets highlights in shopping malls.

03 Shopping Malls 1500x630px 150dpi
04 Hotels 1500x630px 150dpi


Large relaxing areas and representative places such as the hotel lobby and restaurants are nicely decorated with infinitygrass.

City parks

City parks held in artificial grass are green during the whole year.

05 City Parks 1500x630px 150dpi
06 Public Places 1500x630px 150dpi

Public places

Artificial grass is decorative in various public locations.

Logistics and transport

High quality, fire retardant grass is recommended to use on transport vehicles such as ships.

07 Logistics And Transport 1500x630px 150dpi
08 Roundabouts


infinitygrass is the right decoration item for roundabouts.