Outdoor Use

Outdoor Use

Nature style terraces

infinitygrass for nature look furniture and terraces.

01 Nature Style Terraces 1500x630px 150dpi
02 Romantic Terraces 1500x630px 150dpi

Romantic terraces

Artificial grass rugs held in rose colour look very romantic next to country style houses and rose flower gardens.

Sunny terraces

Bright yellow grass rugs take the sunshine on your terrace.

03 Application 07 Outdoor Use Sunny Terraces New
04 Waterside Terraces 1500x630px 150dpi


Individual grass rug shapes are very decorative on waterside boardwalks.

Pool areas landscape grass

Artificial landscape grass is the ideal surrounding for pool areas.

05 Pool Areas Landscape 1500x630px 150dpi
06 Pool Areas Rugs 1500x630px 150dpi

Pool areas grass rugs

Artificial grass rugs are decorative and non-slippery on all hard floorings near to outdoor pools.


Covering the balcony with artificial grass means to create your own garden microcosmos.

07 Balconies 1500x630px 150dpi
03 Application 07 Outdoor Use Rooftop New

Rooftop recreation areas

Especially in urban areas rooftop wellness and recreation are hotspots – people can escape from their hectically daily city life and relax on soft touch artificial grass next to various pools and relaxing zones.

Rooftop gardens

Create your own garden ambiance on rooftops of city buildings with placing our stunning colourful grass rugs.

09 Rooftop Gardens 1500x630px 150dpi