Kids Playgrounds

Kids' Playgrounds

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Indoor playgrounds

Kids can run and have fun on our artificial grass for indoor playgrounds. The grass is eco-friendly and has a very good durability.

01 Indoor Playgrounds 1500x630px 150dpi
02 Outdoor Playgrounds 1500x630px 150dpi

Outdoor playgrounds

Good resiliency, excellent abrasion and fast water release are only a few of the characteristics that make our colourful artificial grass excellent for outdoor playgrounds.

Colourful playgrounds

Children love the lively and various colour palette of our 10 stunning artificial grass colours.

03 Colourful Playgrounds 1500x630px 150dpi
04 Kids Comfort 1500x630px 150dpi

Kids and comfort

Beside the technical advantages, our infinitygrass feels soft and pleasant to give our children the right comfort.

Kids and pets

The pets also love relaxing on our artificial grass flooring.

05 Kids Pets 1500x630px 150dpi