Pet Grass


The back of the “Mimosa” quality is equipped with an antibacterial and anti-mold finish. Therefore, the artificial grass “Mimosa” is particularly suitable for pets.

01 Mimosa Room 01 1500x630px 150dpi


“Mimosa” has an antimicrobial effect. This means there is less risk of contamination with pathogens in the event of injury.


“Lanthe” is equipped with a special backing that lets through twice as much liquid as conventional artificial turf. Excretions from pets do not remain in the product at all but are diverted.



The PU backing of our “Luna” quality binds unpleasant odors and drains animal excrement.

Coloured Grass

Our “DOW-Dupont” coloured grass has got excellent characteristics such as a very good abrasion, durability and resiliency.
The yarn is soft and due to low odor measured values it can be also used indoors and is thus eco-friendly.

Eco Logo Schaduw Anthraciet
Dow Dupont Ecoground Logo

Coloured grass – “Snow White”

The grass rug in “Snow White” colour highlights the purity of the nature.

01 Woc Snow White Rug 1500x630px 150dpi
02 Woc Landscape Grass Desert Taupe 1500x630px 150dpi

Coloured grass – “Desert Taupe”

Artificial landscape grass gets a completely new interpretation when it is coloured. “Desert Taupe” fits to warm and earth tone houses and villas.

Coloured grass – “Silver Grey”

For gardens of modern style houses and bungalows the noble shine of “Silver Grey” artificial grass is the right choice.

03 Woc Landscape Grass Silver Grey 1500x630px 150dpi
04 Woc Anthracite Iron Decoration Grass 1500x630px 150dpi

Coloured grass – “Anthracite Iron”

“DOW-Dupont” artificial grass can also be partially used for modern terraces. The colour “Anthracite Iron” is modern, chic and decent at the same time.

Coloured grass – “Black Beauty”

The lustrous shine of a black coloured artificial grass rug looks even more precious on high contrasting light ceramic or marble flooring and suits to the dark glamour of pool tiles.

05 Woc Black Beauty Rug 1500x630px 150dpi
06 Woc Hawaiian Blue Rug 1500x630px 150dpi

Coloured grass – “Hawaiian Blue”

“Hawaiian Blue” as a grass rug is a nice accessory – for example –  at public places such as riverside areas; in combination with multicoloured furniture, the blue colour looks even more brilliant.

Coloured grass – “Ultimate Green”

Our eco-friendly “DOW-Dupont” artificial grass is also available in different shape sizes in “Ultimate Green” and various colours.

07 Woc Ultimate Green Shape Rugs 1500x630px 150dpi
08 Woc Sunflower Gold Rug 1500x630px 150dpi

Coloured grass – “Sunflower Gold”

Get the sunshine on your terrace with the bright shine of our “Sunflower Gold” artificial grass rugs!

Coloured grass – “Poppy Pink”

“Poppy Pink” is a very nice rose colour; more brilliant than old rose and not so bright as usual pink. Our “Poppy Pink” rugs are ideal to place near to the pool and on seaside terraces to breath a light holiday breeze.

09 Woc Poppy Pink Rug 1500x630px 150dpi
10 Woc Tango Red Rug 1500x630px 150dpi

Coloured grass – “Tango Red”

The deep red colour of the “Tango Red” grass rug fits to the tropical atmosphere of the location.

Coloured grass – “World of Colours”

The whole “World of Colours” artificial grass range: Five neutral shades and five bright colours. Our eco-friendly “Dow-Dupont” artificial grass is available in rugs and rolls.

11 Woc All Colours 1500x630px 150dpi

Soft Touch Grass

Soft touch grass 

Soft like this bunny breed….

01 Soft And Sweet 1500x630px 150dpi
02 Also For Feet Indeed 1500x630px 150dpi

Soft touch grass

…soft also for cats’ feet, indeed!

Soft touch grass

So soft for the hands….

03 So Soft For The Hands 1500x630px 150dpi
04 Relaxing Never Ends 1500x630px 150dpi

Soft touch grass

…and relaxing never ends!

Sports Grass

Sportline Logo White Blue

Sports grass – multifunctional

Our sports grass is not only available as a very durable, strong turf grass. We also offer a hard wearing, soft touch quality for different sport purposes such as Yoga.

01 Sports Grass Multifunctional 1500x630px 150dpi
02 Sports Grass Golf 1500x630px 150dpi

Sports grass golf

With an excellent abrasion resistance, our sports grass is very popular for golf courts.

Sports grass football

The very strong characteristics of our grass such as a very good resiliency are a guarantee to play great football matches.

03 Sports Grass Football 1500x630px 150dpi
04 Sports Grass Multicolour 1500x630px 150dpi

Sports grass multicolour

We also offer multicolour sports grass for various professional sport purposes.

Decoration Grass

Landscape decoration grass

With artificial grass shapes you get your individual designer landscape garden.

01 Decoration Grass Landscape 1500x630px 150dpi
02 Decoration Grass Tiles 1500x630px 150dpi

Decoration grass tiles

Another idea for creative garden and terrace decoration is the use of grass tiles combined in various shapes and sizes.

Decoration grass – signs and symbols

Individually cut artificial grass shapes can also have a special expression such as signs and symbols.

03 Decoration Grass Signs And Symbols 1500x630px 150dpi
04 Decoration Grass Graphical 1500x630px 150dpi

Decoration grass – pool areas

Our is easy to cut. Thus, coloured grass patterns can look very decorative in combination with the house style and the pool area.

Decoration grass – cushions

Special grass for special purposes – our soft touch grass ranges are very comfortable as cushions placed on outdoor chairs.

07 Decoration Grass Furniture 1500x630px 150dpi
08 Decoration Grass Stairs 1500x630px 150dpi

Decoration grass on stairs

A nice decoration idea is to cover the stairs from and to the garden area with artificial grass.

Decoration grass for home textiles

Cushions and plaids made of soft touch artificial grass are ideal for garden lounge areas.

09 Decoration Grass Home Textiles 1500x630px 150dpi
10 Decoration Grass Fantasy 1500x630px 150dpi

Decoration grass – fantasy

Why not also covering the outdoor house pillars with artificial grass? This and many more decoration ideas we leave to your imagination.

Outdoor Use

Nature style terraces

infinitygrass for nature look furniture and terraces.

01 Nature Style Terraces 1500x630px 150dpi
02 Romantic Terraces 1500x630px 150dpi

Romantic terraces

Artificial grass rugs held in rose colour look very romantic next to country style houses and rose flower gardens.

Sunny terraces

Bright yellow grass rugs take the sunshine on your terrace.

03 Application 07 Outdoor Use Sunny Terraces New
04 Waterside Terraces 1500x630px 150dpi


Individual grass rug shapes are very decorative on waterside boardwalks.

Pool areas landscape grass

Artificial landscape grass is the ideal surrounding for pool areas.

05 Pool Areas Landscape 1500x630px 150dpi
06 Pool Areas Rugs 1500x630px 150dpi

Pool areas grass rugs

Artificial grass rugs are decorative and non-slippery on all hard floorings near to outdoor pools.


Covering the balcony with artificial grass means to create your own garden microcosmos.

07 Balconies 1500x630px 150dpi
03 Application 07 Outdoor Use Rooftop New

Rooftop recreation areas

Especially in urban areas rooftop wellness and recreation are hotspots – people can escape from their hectically daily city life and relax on soft touch artificial grass next to various pools and relaxing zones.

Rooftop gardens

Create your own garden ambiance on rooftops of city buildings with placing our stunning colourful grass rugs.

09 Rooftop Gardens 1500x630px 150dpi

Residential Gardens

Decoration gardens

Gardens can be individually designed with artificial grass.

01 Decoration Gardens 1500x630px 150dpi
02 Garden Lounge Areas 1500x630px 150dpi

Garden lounge areas

Modern outdoor furniture and textiles surrounded by our infinitygrass makes a nice garden mood.

Holiday places

For holiday places and resorts, artificial grass is easy care and decorative as well. In warm countries, artificial grass is the ideal replacement for natural grass as it saves lots of water resources.

03 Holiday Places 1500x630px 150dpi
04 Stylish Gardens 1500x630px 150dpi

Stylish gardens

With infinitygrass you can personalize your garden.

Pool areas

Artificial grass is non slippery and chosen the right pattern it can look very stylish near to pool areas.

05 Pool Areas 1500x630px 150dpi
06 Wellness And Recreation 1500x630px 150dpi

Wellness and recreation

Artificial grass is the right choice for wellness and recreation areas.

Landscape gardens

Landscape grass in colourful shades is a novelty and keeps garden and house in a completely different mood.

07 Landscape Gardens 1500x630px 150dpi

Kids' Playgrounds

Ecofriendly Logo [omgezet]

Indoor playgrounds

Kids can run and have fun on our artificial grass for indoor playgrounds. The grass is eco-friendly and has a very good durability.

01 Indoor Playgrounds 1500x630px 150dpi
02 Outdoor Playgrounds 1500x630px 150dpi

Outdoor playgrounds

Good resiliency, excellent abrasion and fast water release are only a few of the characteristics that make our colourful artificial grass excellent for outdoor playgrounds.

Colourful playgrounds

Children love the lively and various colour palette of our 10 stunning artificial grass colours.

03 Colourful Playgrounds 1500x630px 150dpi
04 Kids Comfort 1500x630px 150dpi

Kids and comfort

Beside the technical advantages, our infinitygrass feels soft and pleasant to give our children the right comfort.

Kids and pets

The pets also love relaxing on our artificial grass flooring.

05 Kids Pets 1500x630px 150dpi

Indoor Grass

Kids’ rooms

Our eco-friendly indoor grass is fun for kids.

01 Kids Rooms 1500x630px 150dpi
02 Pets Comfort 1500x630px 150dpi

Pets’ comfort

Kids’ pets enjoy the comfort of our soft touch indoor grass.

Business and offices

The very good characteristics of our indoor grass makes it suitable and decorative for offices.

03 Business And Offices 1500x630px 150dpi
04 Modern Living 1500x630px 150dpi

Modern living

The colour palette of our indoor grass range follows the latest colour trends and the decoration of modern living rooms.

Holiday resorts

Poppy pink grass rugs are eyecatcher in cosy holiday resorts.

05 Holiday Resorts 1500x630px 150dpi
06 Young Living 1500x630px 150dpi

Young living

Yellow indoor grass rugs take the sunshine into the house.

Lofts and lounges

Indoor grass rugs in deep “Tango Red” set lively accents into industrial style loft homes.

07 Lofts And Lounges 1500x630px 150dpi
08 Round Shapes 1500x630px 150dpi

Round shapes

Round grass rug shapes can be placed in various angles of the rooms and fit to round furniture.

Contemporary houses

Indoor grass rugs are decorative flooring accessories for all contemporary houses.

09 Common Areas 1500x630px 150dpi
10 Pure Living 1500x630px 150dpi

Pure living

Grass rugs in pure white colour are the ideal flooring accessories for clean pure living ambiances.

Fireproof Grass

IGNIS fireproof grass

Fireproof grass for offices.

01 Ignis Fireproof Grass For Offices 1500x630px 150dpi
02 Ignis Fireproof Grass For Public Places 1500x630px 150dpi

IGNIS fireproof grass

Fireproof grass for public places.

IGNIS fireproof grass

Fireproof grass for outdoor and indoor playgrounds.

03 Ignis Fireproof Grass For Playgrounds 1500x630px 150dpi
04 Ignis Fireproof Grass For Indoor Sports 1500x630px 150dpi

IGNIS fireproof grass

Fireproof grass for outdoor and indoor sports.

Public Areas

Public buildings

Artificial grass looks nice and clean near to representative buildings such as town halls.

01 Public Buildings 1500x630px 150dpi
02 Urban Areas 1500x630px 150dpi

Urban areas

infinitygrass integrated in urban areas gives a modern and natural touch at the same time.

Shopping malls

Take the outside in – infinitygrass sets highlights in shopping malls.

03 Shopping Malls 1500x630px 150dpi
04 Hotels 1500x630px 150dpi


Large relaxing areas and representative places such as the hotel lobby and restaurants are nicely decorated with infinitygrass.

City parks

City parks held in artificial grass are green during the whole year.

05 City Parks 1500x630px 150dpi
06 Public Places 1500x630px 150dpi

Public places

Artificial grass is decorative in various public locations.

Logistics and transport

High quality, fire retardant grass is recommended to use on transport vehicles such as ships.

07 Logistics And Transport 1500x630px 150dpi
08 Roundabouts


infinitygrass is the right decoration item for roundabouts.

Urban Living Trends

Urban gardens

Green cities – city gardens – nature look – easy care.

01 Urban Gardens 1500x630px 150dpi
02 Decoration Grass 1500x630px 150dpi

Decoration grass

Grass accessories – grass home textiles – unique grass shapes – coloured grass.

Indoor grass

Eco-friendly – soft touch – easy care – very good durability – water and stain resistant.

03 Indoor Grass 1500x630px 150dpi
04 Outdoor Furniture 1500x630px 150dpi

Outdoor furniture

Pure wood – functional synthetics – fine weavings – decorative ropes – feel good.