Residential Gardens

Residential Gardens

Decoration gardens

Gardens can be individually designed with artificial grass.

01 Decoration Gardens 1500x630px 150dpi
02 Garden Lounge Areas 1500x630px 150dpi

Garden lounge areas

Modern outdoor furniture and textiles surrounded by our infinitygrass makes a nice garden mood.

Holiday places

For holiday places and resorts, artificial grass is easy care and decorative as well. In warm countries, artificial grass is the ideal replacement for natural grass as it saves lots of water resources.

03 Holiday Places 1500x630px 150dpi
04 Stylish Gardens 1500x630px 150dpi

Stylish gardens

With infinitygrass you can personalize your garden.

Pool areas

Artificial grass is non slippery and chosen the right pattern it can look very stylish near to pool areas.

05 Pool Areas 1500x630px 150dpi
06 Wellness And Recreation 1500x630px 150dpi

Wellness and recreation

Artificial grass is the right choice for wellness and recreation areas.

Landscape gardens

Landscape grass in colourful shades is a novelty and keeps garden and house in a completely different mood.

07 Landscape Gardens 1500x630px 150dpi