Sustainability Principals

Sustainability Principals


Moving to Recycled & Recyclable Products 

As a wall-to-wall carpet and artificial grass provider, we are aware of the substantial environmental impact that our goods bear. We are transitioning our product line and full product portfolio since 2021 due to this reason. This makeover is a reflection of our dedication to providing gorgeous and environmentally responsible flooring  and artificial grass options.




Providing Completely Recycled Raw Materials for Products

In a relatively short amount of time, we hope to get a sizable portion of our flooring products from 100% recycled raw materials. Our goal is to decrease waste in the flooring sector and advance the circular economy.

Minimising Waste and Water Consumption

Throughout the production and supply chain processes, we constantly improve our stakeholders’ and Classis methods to cut down on waste and water usage. Our endeavours encompass enhancing the effectiveness of our manufacturing processes and mitigating the ecological footprint.


Customer Initiative Programme for Sustainability Transformation

By the end of 2024, we hope to expand the line of “Sustainability Transformation Initiative Products,” which will include Recycled PP and PES Polyester (a recycled convertible). Depending on how the price of raw materials changes, our goal is to boost sales of these environmentally friendly flooring products by more than 50% over the prior year. 

Ecological Dye Optimisation

The colours utilised in the flooring sector might have a big effect on the environment. We are committed to lessening this effect by investigating cutting-edge, sustainable dyeing techniques and employing environmentally safe colours.

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Making the Switch to Sustainable Energy Sources

At Classis BV, we understand how critical it is to lessen our carbon footprint. For this reason, we are actively switching our from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources like solar power.

Creating a Supportive Working Environment


Our staff share our dedication to sustainability. We offer a welcoming workplace that motivates workers to stick around and make a difference. The cornerstones of our strategy are appealing incentive schemes and a secure workplace.

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Ensuring Maximum Safety

In our flooring operations and warehouse processes, safety is of utmost importance. Our commitment is to guaranteeing worker safety throughout the entire supply chain process.